Jet Ski Accident Attorney

Personal watercraft and jet skis accounted for nearly 20,000 accidents in the greater Tampa Bay area in 2015 (Sarasota, Manatee country, Pinellas, and Hillsborough). Jet Ski rental companies make it easier for inexperienced riders to jump on these machines, and without practice, accidents can happen. Jet ski’s and boats can be dangerous, and with the number of accidents in the Tampa Bay area, that is easy to see.

Jet Ski Rental Liability

If you have been injured while renting a jet ski in Florida, give us a call. Even if you’ve signed a waiver of liability prior to operating a rented jet ski, and the malfunction of a jet ski caused an accident it is the renters responsibility to ensure equipment is safely operable.

Our goal is to ensure you are fully compensated by your insurance company in the event of a jet ski accident.

Jet ski operator negligence

If you are injured while operating a jet ski and are struck by a boater, or another jet skier, you should be compensated for that neglect. At Butler and Boyd, we have over 43 years of experience for personal injury cases, and we will carefully look at the details of your jet ski injury case.

Swimming and struck by negligent Jet Ski operator

If you are swimming in one of Florida’s many waterways, boaters and jet ski operators should be aware of the boundaries for swimming. In the unfortunate circumstance of a swimming injury, give us a call.

Jet Ski Insurance Review

If you would like us to review your Jet Ski insurance for your personal watercraft to ensure you are protected in the unfortunate circumstance of a jet ski accident, give us a call.

If you are injured in a jet ski accident in the Tampa Bay area please give us a call at 813.229.3232.