Experienced Bicycle Accident Attorneys

If you are injured while riding your bicycle in the Tampa Bay area, please give us a call. We want to ensure that cyclists and motorists alike understand the laws of the road to help keep more people in our community safe.

Negligent Driver Causing Bicycle Accidents

If you are a cyclist in Tampa, you’ve been honked at, probably spat on, had things thrown at you, or even have possibly had lit cigarettes tossed at you while riding. The truth is, these things don’t only happen in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, or Brandon… This type of “bicyclist discrimination” happens all across the country.

Many motorists do not understand that it is the law that cyclists must use the streets, and that cyclists must follow traffic laws while using the streets – this means riding in the direction of the flow of traffic, stopping at stop signs, not running through intersections, obeying traffic lights, slowing down or stopping at crosswalks for pedestrians.

Unfortunately, most drivers consider cyclists to be pedestrians, and they do not treat them like other vehicles, which is how the laws are written. So bicycle injuries are far too common, and a driver’s negligence is usually to blame.

Driver Negligence and Cellular Phone Use

Another issue is cellular phone use. Drivers who text while driving, or use their smart phones veer in and out of their lane, and sometimes into bike lanes causing accidents and injuring cyclists.

If you are injured riding a bicycle in the Tampa Bay area please give us a call at 813.229.3232.

Our goal is to grow the awareness of bike safety by ensuring motorists and cyclists are aware of the laws. We want to ensure new riders know the proper way to ride, and motorists are aware and share the road.

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